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May 4 '13
'There's also an element of internalized homophobia in all of this. Maybe it's a conceptual leap but it seems to me that this notion that a “real” butch can't like a fluffy towel or use words coded as feminine to describe her-/him-/his-self isn't that far from the idea that it's not okay for boys to with dolls. Are queer masculinities (or whatever you want to call them) so fragile? Their beauty, diversity, and resilience over the generations prove otherwise.'

So I don’t think that butch fear of own femininity is all that simple to unravel. It is not just out own misogyny that makes us see anything less than manly as weak or less than. Our fear of our own inner girl is so much more complicated than that. Most of us grew up uncomfortable not only in our clothes, but in our pink bedrooms, our gender roles, our families’ expectations, and even our own skins. We had to fight to find ourselves in all of that. And sometimes that makes it hard to drop all that armor and just sit back and enjoy the fucking draperies.

— "Throwing in the Towel" by Ivan E. Coyote in Missed Her

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