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Feb 17 '12

[Barbara] Grier came out early–she was 12 when she was sure of her sexuality. She told me she went down to the local library (the family was living in Detroit at the time), marched up to the librarian’s desk and asked for “Books about homosexuals, please.”

After researching, she went home and told her mother she was a homosexual. It was 1945.

(Source: lambdaliterary.org)

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Feb 16 '12
[Barbara Grier and Donna McBride] also donated their collection of literature to the San Francisco Public Library. It consisted of an entire tractor trailer full of 14,000 books.

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Feb 14 '12
I hope that wherever Barbara Grier is tonight she is finding it a place filled with good lesbian books and plenty of time to read them.
— “Barbara Grier, A Life Of Lesbians and Books, 1933-2011” - Julie R. Enszer

Sounds like heaven to me. 

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Feb 13 '12
[Barbara] Grier could sniff out a lesbian from a book anywhere. Grier wrote about Mary Oliver’s first book in 1967 (I think) that it would be sensuous and interesting to lesbians. Oliver didn’t formally come out until 2002.

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Feb 12 '12
Of course [Barbara Grier] had an oft-cursed habit of calling her writers at the crack of dawn—it was her bounden duty to wake us up. She told me in just these words to “light up the skies!” and she meant that quite literally. The lesbian skies had been full of storm clouds far too long. She willed the sun to shine on us and shine it did, in the form of book after book, story after story, until she saw a deluge of lesbian literature. Our work is taught in universities. Libraries offer lesbian children’s books. We sate ourselves on our harvest: mystery, romance, speculative fiction, classics, serious novels, historical stories, text books, poetry.

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Feb 11 '12
Barbara Grier was born in Cincinnati and came out of the closet at the age of 12. When she told her mother that she was a homosexual, her mother … said “No, because you are a woman, you’re a lesbian. And since 12 years old is too young to make such a decision, let’s wait six months before we tell the newspapers.”

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Feb 10 '12
We all have something to say to each other, and thanks to people like Barbara Grier, today we can speak to each other, entertain each other, in many venues, genres, formats, and places. This growing body of work that is lesbian literature owes a lot to one stubborn woman who insisted we had a right to have our own.

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Feb 9 '12
To understand the contribution that Barbara and Donna made to lesbian books one has to be capable of imagining a world that had none. Rather, what lesbian books there were had been hidden, disguised and coded. A lesbian lucky enough to find pulp paperbacks at the bus station featuring a brooding brunette and the sunny blonde on the cover had found lesbians in books, but not lesbian books. With very few, notable exceptions such as Ann Bannon’s Beebo Brinker titles, they founds stories about despair and ruin. Those books were read and left behind, because it wasn’t safe for most women to be discovered reading them. The reader was left more certain than ever that her life was doomed.

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Feb 7 '12
Do I need to explain that Barbara and Donna were two of the founders of Naiad Press, which went on to be the longest-lived and largest of all the lesbian presses? That Barbara Grier and Donna McBride had been partners in everything since the early 70s? I hope not… But it’s also possible that lesbians reading this blog have never heard of either woman or Naiad. But your life was touched by them nevertheless.

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Nov 21 '11
[Barbara] Grier kept all of her notes about books on note cards. There are about 30 linear feet of note cards on lesbian literature at the SFPL.

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