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Feb 15 '12
Between the covers of a Naiad book was one of the first times in literature that I, at least, had ever seen a lesbian-identified woman okay with herself as a lesbian, get the girl, and end up happy, or at least alive by the end of the book, and ready to get back in the saddle. It was revolutionary, and it sparked within me a profound “hell, yeah!” moment that stayed with me…
— In Memorium: Barbara Grier

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Feb 7 '12
Do I need to explain that Barbara and Donna were two of the founders of Naiad Press, which went on to be the longest-lived and largest of all the lesbian presses? That Barbara Grier and Donna McBride had been partners in everything since the early 70s? I hope not… But it’s also possible that lesbians reading this blog have never heard of either woman or Naiad. But your life was touched by them nevertheless.

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Nov 20 '11

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